July Independence

Greetings Citizens!

Happy 4th of July everyone! We've got some revolutionary sales going in the Carrot Shop, some weekday Power Hours with little resistance, and much more events on the way! Click for more details!

Did You Say? Invasion!?!?

Hello Citizens,

Guess what we have this month? You've voted and we listened... Monster Invasion! Click to check out what other awesome events we got planned for the month of June.


Red Stone Server Maintenance Notice 05-13-14 - Completed

Greetings Citizens, 

Red Stone server is now open and maintenance is complete. Thank you for your patience.

Brief Server Restart - Completed

Greetings Citizens,

The server will be having a brief server restart to resolve some technical issues at 11:30AM PT (14:30PM ET). Please be sure to logout before that time and have your Guild Storages cleared out. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. - Completed


It's Only Just Begun

Hello Citizens,

They say knowledge is power, where knowledge is experience. Experience more experience this month as we take a step back to the beginning where it all began. Click here for find out more about May events!

Spring Mayhem

Hello Citizens of Prandel,

We've heard your suggestions and here it is!! Monster Invasion every Friday this month for April. Please be sure to check the date and times for Monster Invasion. We've also got a ton of other Easter events coming for you as well as a sales event and Power Hours are still a go! Click for more info!

-Red Stone Team

Escaping to Treasure Prandel

Spring Break is almost here, and we have some sweet treat for you! Grind away during our new Power Hours, play some Trivia with [GM]Dogeful, log in to receive some cool prizes, and buy some sales items! 

OGPlanet Billing Blog

Hello Citizens!
If you ever run into any issue with OGPlanet Billing, this blog might be able to help you!
You can find answers to all sorts of questions here!
Check it out:


What would you like to do for July?

Weekday 400% EXP/150% Drop

Weekday 150% EXP/400% Drop

GM vs GvG

GM Hide N Seek

NPC Hunt